A Feather Dress for All Ages

In your quest to find inspiration for that perfect feather dress, you might initially feel confused or overwhelmed at the of varieties in availability. Whether it be ostrich plumage or quite exotic, the seems endless for such a number. However, you might be interested in reading some reviews on sites such as zolucky reviews to get that much-needed hook onto this type of fashion trend inspired by ancient traditions and, later, the roaring twenties. In addition, when looking at the catwalk models and weird and wonderful creations from well-known designers, this type of accessory has a strange yet wondrous connection to the world of fashion clothing. For instance, it is odd yet beautiful to think that this type of accessory was meant only for headdresses for men in ceremonial events; however, women later started wearing them in addition to their garments to inspire further beauty and allurement.

The history of the feather dress

It is strange to acknowledge that 's beautiful versions of a feather dress originally started back between 1745-1799 when the earliest found evidence in journals about plumage-inspired clothing by the so-called seven apostles by the 18th century Carl Linnaeus, they traveled over to 50 countries and found several of these adornments worn in various ceremonies such as for mourning or to show stature in society. Henceforth, it is strange to imagine that these feathers were born out of a necessity to enhance primitive desires to show off beauty or just color, as you can find feathers in many sizes and designs. However, to think that burlesque dancers started to show off this plumage all over their attire and today;'s catwalks are filled with them, the world seems endless in terms of fashion to meet the feather's identity and purpose.

The “Roaring Twenties” and feathers

Women, usually referred to as Flappers, wore feathered boas around themselves during times out when they playfully swept them around on the dancefloors. Women referred to this way were the iconic style of the twenties we appreciate today and what some commonly refer to as the Gatsby Era. Moreover, feathered boas were adorned around the necks and included headbands finished off by high-rising tights, pearls, and sweeping mid-length . And all of this inspiration sprung from the late plumage trade WWI when it completely revolutionized the lifestyle and culture of the Golden Age. “Hope is the thing with feathers – That perches in the soul- And sings the tune without the words And stops – At all.” – Emily Dickinson.

The feather dress of today

In today's fashion, the world seems endless in various versions of the feather dress. No longer just used for dancers on stages, this beautiful plumage inspiration goes to the world's end to prove women's elegance and individualism. So why not choose a version of an elegant tassel feathered dress for an evening out? Or why not a longer-length design for those colder nights for all occasions? Henceforth, strapless sequined versions of ostrich adorned overall pieces in white, v-neck, strapless, and even some 3-D prints of peacock feathers. In addition, various colors are available and range from the ever-popular black to the ever-daring Fushia. However, the decision is up to you on how you would desire to wear this decoration and how to interweave it into something spectacular. So “Fluff up your feathers and be a peacock today” – Author unknown.