How to satisfy your customers’ shopping experience in your online store?

Online fashion retailers, you can't imagine a life without them in the 21st century. But, just as you guess them having reached the peak in developing their online presence, they strike back and better. Reviewsbird is here to provide you information on how your business can satisfy your customers' online experience in your online store by supplying advice on reliable customer reviews on shops and how to direct the to pick an outfit they are satisfied with.

Today's UK online fashion industry has been established to be one-fifth of the entire online

segment. The history of online transactions tracks back to 1979 when Michael Aldrich invented the two-way message service. The online shopping segment regarding fashion took off during the mid-2000s with online retailers such as Amazon, E-Bay, Boohoo, and NastyGal. The UK fashion industry counts approximately 11,000 physical retail shops, and 30 per cent of these own an online webshop.

Online Fashion and Trends

Websites and online retailers may apply cookies to direct customers to their desires. They allow websites to detect user visits and advertisements and websites accordingly. However, online fashion retailers must first understand the trends in fashion. This includes analysing the most popular brands and important figures about fashion and their statements at the moment. Famous fashion figures are often referred to as fashion icons and influence trends.

Technology and Fashion

2018, technology has taken off by having an immense influence on the online fashion

industry. As brick-and-mortar retail shopping shifts to online shopping, technology's impact is harder to ignore – especially as e-commerce booms. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual technology, and so on – leading to streamlined and efficient operations – are revolutionising how businesses operate.

The influence of technology is shown in the communication with the customer. The use of Artificial Intelligence led to the usage of chatbots. These chatbots are computer-generated and will

answer the most basic questions. Often if the chatbot is unable to answer the proposed question by the customer, the chatbot will refer to speak with a customer service representative. The introduction of chatbots has reduced the workload of the customer service department by care of the most frequently asked questions. As the chatbot may not assist the customer further, they refer to the customer service representative. The communication with the customer service representative is often through the same channel in a chatroom setting.

For the online retailer to communication with the chatbot or the online customer service employee, the company can offer a real-time tracker of the order . This way, the company eliminates most questions regarding the preparation of the order to be sent out. In addition, the delivery companies offer tracking of the delivery, and so the process runs smoother and with the

the least of communication between the customer and the company, the business is creating a one-way communication stream by preventing questions.

So to establish a satisfying online customer experience, businesses need to sense the current trends and hop on. By offering the newest trends in items, the companies must invest in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence to improve the handling of the customer's order as smoothly as .