Network Marketing And The Psychology Of Authority

Network Marketing And The Psychology Of Authority – Here are 15 of the most popular infographics on the psychology of sales and online marketing, from colors to eCommerce to structure and the psychology of buying.

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Network Marketing And The Psychology Of Authority

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Color Psychology In Logo Design

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Psychological Marketing Techniques

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The Psychology Of Digital Marketing: How To Understand And Influence Customer Behavior Online

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What Is Color Psychology? How To Use Color In Marketing (2023)

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MLM companies continue to grow in popularity. The products and services they offer are endless: cosmetics, essential oils, weight loss, health foods, kitchen accessories, jewelry, wine and more. you can find a complete list of all MLM health related companies here.

Unfortunately, the Direct Sales and MLM business model is very disturbing, because it causes financial, psychological, emotional and social damage (see my previous posts).

I decided to join my first Multi-Level Marketing company when I was only 19 years old. The woman who encouraged me focused on my “pain points”: areas of my life where I needed relief and felt vulnerable. I was a busy, stressed, clueless college student who lived far from home, had few friends, and needed extra spending money.

Persuasion Psychology: What It Is And How It Works

Despite my best efforts to succeed, I found myself overwhelmed by the constant demands of marketing products, my classmates into sales events, and buying supplies. endless. My bedroom was filled with boxes of unopened products. After only 8 months as an MLM sales representative, I finally quit.

You've probably heard examples of highly successful Multi-Level Marketing stars on social media. Maybe you've been invited to coffee with an MLM agent, or you've been interviewed by a bait-and-switch conversation that starts as a long-lost friend but ends in a sales pitch about and how the company has changed. life.

The truth is that joining an MLM does not work for most people. Most of the traders who use this business method never make much money; most of them go into great debt. (See these Income Statement Instructions for more information).

Instead of understanding how dangerous MLM companies are, I was told that my failure was all my fault. This is one of the most deceptive messages built into every MLM company.

How To Hire A Marketing Agency For Your Business (4 Steps)

One thing that really worries me about Multi-Level Marketing (also known as Direct Sales) is the way they tend to prey on vulnerable and financially stressed people.

Instead of providing a steady stream of income and independence, this model keeps reps stuck in an endless cycle of buying products and signing up other unsuspecting victims.

My self-doubt and feelings of failure about my MLM experiences changed after I discovered the classic work of a psychologist named Robert Cialdini. He wrote a book called

, which has been cited by many modern marketing experts (sometimes without giving Dr. Cialdini the credit he is due…).

Takeaways From Influence — The Psychology Of Persuasion By Robert Cialdini

In his book, Dr. Cialdini provides scientific evidence of why we make decisions, and what us vulnerable to manipulation. Some of his stories are obviously old since they took place in the 1960s and 70s, but I like the way he shows them.

I will explain each of these principles as they relate to the tactics used by MLM and Direct Sales companies.

Let's take a look at how Multi-Level Marketing companies use the power of Persuasion to motivate people to join. For each of the six, I will present a Devil's Advocate Viewpoint, which is a

In general, women tend to have a strong desire to balance the imbalance in the relationship. When someone shares a gift or favor, many women feel obligated to give back “in some way,” with something of equal value. If the gift is not paid, they may realize that there is an imbalance until the debt is paid.

Sales Psychology: Getting Into The Buyer's Mind To Make The Sale

Advertising is often an important marketing tool. Although it can be a polite marketing tool, unscrupulous companies use it to take advantage of the kindness of others.

Consistency can easily be used to hurt people, but this persuasive tactic can also be used for good. We all have power

. Consider the effect of giving away gifts to potential customers (like the Pop-By item, which I describe here).

This principle of influence occurs when we fulfill a public, written, and voluntary promise… sometimes we don't even know we've made it.

The Psychology Of Landing Page Design That Converts By Will Baker

We tend to agree to meet someone we trust. The danger is that our need for stability can lead us to make uncomfortable decisions, even if we know they are not the right thing to do. When this involves selling a product, it can become Transaction Avoidance Syndrome – a breakdown in the sales process in which the seller is unwilling to complete the purchase. You can read more about it in my 3 part series.

When a customer fears being taken advantage of, all they can do is cancel the meeting, decline the offer, or say “No” to the sale. Saying no to something can be very difficult, so a smart business owner will make sure that their customer is never put in a situation where they feel pressured to buy.

Instead of taking advantage of your customer's goodwill, make sure you provide tangible value throughout your sales process.

As humans, we make decisions with different minds. When we see others like us doing something, we think it might be a good idea for us too. While this can be a great tool to influence your customers' decisions, be sure not to “drop names” too much (by making it look like all their friends are the service yours). This type of overgeneralization can be a real turnoff once the client realizes that you misrepresented your relationship with their peers.

This Is Your Brain On Branding: Neuroscience Marketing Mind Control

On the other hand, this method works best if it comes directly from your target customers. That's why honest testimonials work so well, along with social media features – when your best customers share how great your services are with their peers.

Although we may not like to admit it, we are attracted to people who match our economic status, educational level, intelligence, personality type, and lifestyle choices. Some of this comes from social factors, and rightly so

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