The survival and prosperity of the business greatly depend on the satisfaction and happiness of the consumers. The loyalty of the customers aids the business growth and they become the future ambassador of the brand and spread positive words and influence the behavior of people around them. This is as word-of-mouth . Consumers get nothing from the company or the brand in response to the awareness effort; it is just the consumer loyalty that attracts more customers for the brand.

Online shopping deals are comprehended to catch the concentration of customers instantly. However, online stores utilize mixed strategies to gain recognition. The New York Times Store is the perfect model of an online trademark that satisfies the request of consumers by offering them the facility to tailor and personalize the offerings.

Expectations of customers from the online brand

customers look for different product features while purchasing online but the traits that every online purchase by the entails are:

1. Honest product

Online retailers present their products so well in front of consumers through social media and websites, but when the order reaches the customer, it gives shock. That's because the online stores take advantage of the fact that customers cannot check the product by touching it and they portray the product glamorously. This approach comes under the aspect of online deception, as customers don't get the original order. So, customers want to get honest and authentic product details that can aid them in deciding on the product purchase.

2. Product tracking

The preference in technology intensified the online shopping activity and now practically every online brand has ejected the hallmark through which customers can trace the route of the product and can identify accurately on which day the product will relinquish them. This method aided both customer and the business because this the missed orders were sent back to the brand which caused financial damage to the business.

3. Appealing packaging

Regardless of the gender of the customer, the aspect hits the sense is the packaging of the ordered product. The appealing and creative packaging gives happiness and gives mesmerizing calmness to the aesthetic sense of the individual. Moreover, every customer to get the product without damage and in proper and commendable condition.

4. Online subscriptions

Some online stores obey the subscription paradigm through which the business and the customer make the purchasing and merchandising based on certain frequencies ranging from months and weeks. It allows customers to do regular purchases. However, this model cannot function well with every online store. Moreover, the rational and smart approach can fit this model in stores that don't sell things that require repeat and regular buying.


It is approved that the business which serves the customer in the best way elevates their revenue, as businesses deal with diversified consumers and make segments of people based on similar traits and then subserve them according to their choices and concerns. The consumer never wants to get scammed while online purchase.