Effective Goal Setting Strategies For Network Marketers

Effective Goal Setting For Network Marketers – The SMART goal framework helps define and plan for achievable outcomes. The idea is to define meaningful and impactful goals that are clear and realizable within the available means. The general interpretation of the acronym is:

You can certainly apply the concept of SMART goals to any aspect of your life. Companies, however, frequently use the SMART framework to identify organizational objectives and manage employees. This approach helps eliminate ambiguity and guesswork in setting goals, making progress toward goals a measurable process.

Effective Goal Setting Strategies For Network Marketers

Whether for personal or workplace use, the SMART approach can help! In this article, we will look at SMART goals, real-life examples and how to use SMART principles to ensure your goals are achievable.

Strategy: Templates, Definitions, Importance, & Benefits

Target specific objectives. Define exactly what it means to be . Create a holistic view of the goal in front of you. In practice, this can be achieved by answering the following aspects in determining specific goals:

Our technical support must record a 20% increase in customer satisfaction based on a post-support survey with customers over the next six months.

Progress towards goals must be measurable and linked to objectives. It should be tracked on a measurable scale using appropriate KPIs and metrics. You may not celebrate until you reach your final objective—but each milestone brings you closer to success. By setting measurable goals, you can identify missed targets and take corrective action when conditions change. Importantly, you can spot potential performance losses before it's too late.

Once the finish line is reached, you can evaluate performance and plan for future improvements. This means that the right metrics should be defined to track progress towards SMART goals. In the enterprise IT domain, where all business operations are data-driven, getting the metrics strategy right is challenging; choosing the wrong metric can be costly.

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Of course, as with any measurement, it's important to measure goals using metrics that provide an accurate and realistic view of progress without producing a lot of misleading information.

We must reach 1 million app downloads by the end of 2020 while maintaining 99.999% service uptime for 80% of the user base.

Goals are likely to be achieved if they are realistic, practicable and viable based on available resources. Empowering goals can be down into achievable milestones. At each progressive step, the end goal seems closer to reality—more and more attainable. On the other hand, the journey towards an impossible goal causes demoralization at every obstacle. That's why it's so important to identify the limitations that might be standing in the way of your goals.

It is also important to understand that things change. Targets that cannot be achieved today, can be practically achieved if the necessary skills and tools are acquired. When setting realistically achievable goals, it's also helpful to understand how you can push your boundaries and make the impossible possible.

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We must migrate our mission-critical workloads to a reliable private cloud service that guarantees 99.999% service uptime at a comparable Total Cost of Ownership OpEx model.

When resources are limited, you must focus on the goals that are most effective and require immediate attention—both in the short and long term. It is always possible to hit multiple targets, but all targets use resources and give different results. Progressive organizations identify targets that are most relevant to their vision, strategy and long-term business growth.

We should double our marketing budget to advertise the stability and performance of our app in the market.

We must reduce data leaks, network breaches and IT disruption incidents by 50% with an additional $5 million per year IT security budget.

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Many goals can be achieved if given enough time. However, results may not be effective if not achieved in a timely manner. Adding time period constraints allows you to prioritize tasks in your periodic routine. Daily tasks should not affect long-term goals. Likewise, neglecting routine tasks can add up to a backlog that can impact your schedule plan in the future.

Time-oriented goals also make progress trackable over the duration of the assignment. Progress versus time spent or time remaining provides insightful information about past progress and how future plans should be changed in response to current rates.

We must increase our customer acquisition rate by 10% in the next six months by investing in a comprehensive marketing campaign designed for a focused target group.

It's easy to remember the SMART framework when you need to set goals that you need to achieve.

How To Define Smart Marketing Objectives

For more information on developing goals and choosing metrics and KPIs that help you achieve these goals, see this Blog:

Every business and organization can leverage large volumes and diverse data to make well- strategic decisions — that's where metrics come in. This e-book introduces metrics in enterprise IT. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can use any number of metrics. In this e-book, we'll look at four areas where metrics are important for enterprise IT.

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Muhammad Raza is a Stockholm-based technology consultant working with leading startups and Fortune 500 firms on thought leadership branding projects across DevOps, Cloud, Security and IoT. In this week's live training, I will show you the “Good, Better, Best Goal Setting Strategy” I teach all my clients, which when you use it will help you achieve your goals in three core areas of building your business online:

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And that's usually because they set goals that are too big for their experience level, and as a result they fail miserably and make little progress.

This goal setting system encourages you to set smaller goals that you can actually SMASH, which in turn will help build your confidence so you can achieve bigger goals in the future.

I recommend that you set yourself numbers for all 3 of these goals and then focus on achieving your “Best” goal.

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The key with goal setting is to down your 12-week goals into smaller, more manageable goals like monthly and weekly goals so you can see how easy they are to reach.

Then, break it down further so you have a daily target to aim for and a daily method of operation (DMO) to achieve your goal.

These are the numbers I wrote in the live training video above. I want to give it to you. I've also given you an image here, to make sure you can easily see the numbers to write them down yourself.

So, let's take the “Best” Goal example I gave you above, and let's break down the numbers so you have a specific goal for each day.

Short Term Vs Long Term Goals (examples, Faqs)

Now, to break it down even further… divide 42 by the number of days you want to do this. For this example I will choose 7 days.

So that's only 6 new people you need to add to your audience every day to reach your goal of 500 by the end of 12 weeks 🙂

Now, to break it down even further… divide 25 by the number of days you want to do this. For this example I will choose 7 days.

Finally, let's look at your sales goal for 10 customers, clients or team members depending on your business model and where you focus.

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Well, you can't break it anymore so aim to get a sale every day but as long as you get at least ONE (1) sale every week, you will reach your sales goal.

As always… I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think this is achievable for you? And is this you would aim for?

If you know anyone who you think would benefit from this free training, you are welcome to share the link with them or invite them to watch the training 🙂

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